Black Friday preparations: How to increase your sales on Black Friday

Shopfabrik Black Friday Sale Tips

Get your online store ready for Black Friday! 

Black Friday and Cybermonday are one of the highest revenue days of the year. In 2021, the e-commerce business made $6.3 billion in sales through Shopify alone. As a comparison, in 2018, this significant weekend for e-commerce made just $1.5 billion in sales. This year is also expected to see a rapid increase as more and more people make their purchases online.

To increase the potential for visibility in your store as well, you should start preparing now. What exactly you can do to make your store perform and generate high sales on Black Friday weekend, we explain in five steps.

1. Prepare Campaigns

To inform your customers about your offers, you can share appropriate content via social media. Here it is advantageous to convey a certain urgency to your customers. You can achieve this, for example, with a limited stock or an imminent end of discounts.

You can also communicate your Black Friday sale in email marketing. Give your customers a sneak peek at your offers. Don't forget to let them know when the sale will take place so they don't miss out. Email campaigns are great for targeting shopping cart abandoners or customers who have been inactive on your store for a while, among other things.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization and Visualization

You should also communicate your Black Friday deals on your website. For example, add an announcement bar that reports on the most exciting deals.

Announcement bar

Your hero image should also be clearly visualized to draw attention to offers. The savings that your customers can make on their purchase should be advertised early on. For example, you could also integrate a countdown timer on your website to visualize the urgency on your website as well.

Hero Image

3. Performance Check

If your website doesn't load fast enough, customers will bounce. This wastes potential and buying interest. To prevent this, you should delete all apps that are not necessary. You can also have your store performance adjusted in advance by an agency so that potential customers come to your store and buy something.

You can also improve your performance on your own with the help of How exactly you have to proceed, we explain in this video:

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4. Traffic Analytics

It's important that you track your metrics with Google Analytics. You'd better make sure that you have everything set up correctly. With the help of Hotjar, you can see how your customers behave on your website. With the help of this tool, you can physically check your visitors' sessions on your website and see where they click and on which pages they might abandon. This way you'll get a lot of valuable data and you'll be able to see what changes you should make to your website to make it easier for your visitors to find what they're looking for and buy more products from you.

5‍. General Check

Now that you have taken many precautions, the most important and easiest step should not be missing as a Black Friday measure. Check if your standard functions are working on your website. Accordingly, click through the shopping cart and checkout once and make sure that Payments and Shipping are set up properly.

You should also check if the inventory, customer support and returns are stable enough. If you are short of stock on products within Black Friday deals and products are sold out, Shopify's app Now Back in Stock is recommended. Through the app, customers can leave their details to be notified when a product is sold out. When it becomes available again, these customers are automatically notified via email or SMS. This way, you continue to provide a great customer experience.

Are you still not sure what the next steps are for a successful implementation of your Black Friday preparations? We're here to help! Get in touch with us to get started professionally right away. As a Shopify agency, it's important to us to provide our customers with professional support and always offer high-quality solutions. Contact us, tell us about your ideas and we will implement your projects for you.