Conversion optimization with the Search & Discovery App

Search and Discovery App Shopify

Increase conversions, shopping cart values and customer satisfaction - the Search and Discovery App makes it possible.

Efficient and effective search can make all the difference to your success. According to studies, potential buyers who use the search bar are 2 to 3 times more likely to convert than those who do not.

If customers have trouble finding what they're looking for or don't see what piques their interest, they'll leave your store. You're not just missing out on selling your products. 85% of shoppers said their perception of the brand changed after a poor search experience on the site.

Here's how you can optimize your store using search, product recommendation, and filter settings to get your customers to their destination faster.

1. keep search results relevant

Different customers may search for the same products, but will fill the search bar with different keywords. Let's say your customers are looking for a top. But now some will search for tank top, others for long sleeve and still others with the keyword hoodie.

For this reason, it's best to include as many synonyms and variations of a term as possible in your website content, inventory listings, and especially product search tags so that you can always provide your customers with the most appropriate results.

2. let customize search queries

By adding filters to the search, shoppers can enter exactly what they are looking for to save time. Are they looking for a specific size? Color? Fabric? With the filter function, your customer will find what they are looking for in just a few clicks.

3. discover more products

Suggesting additional items to customers (also known as "cross-selling") can increase your sales and customer satisfaction. By customizing product recommendations in the Search and Discovery app, you can achieve a higher shopping cart value for your customers in the best case. On top of that, you can add value to your customers' shopping experience by offering them a nice add-on. For example, you could offer the right waterproofing spray for winter boots or the right knitting needles for wool.

Using the Search and Discovery app offers your online store many advantages. However, we will summarize them for you:

- You decide which products your customer will see first

- Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

- Convert more customers into leads

- Increase your sales

You are still new to the topic of Search and Discovery App and you are not sure what the next steps are for a successful implementation? We are happy to help you! Get in touch with us to get started professionally right away. As a Shopify agency, it's important to us to provide our clients with expert support while always delivering high-quality solutions. Contact us, tell us about your ideas and we will implement your projects for you.