Shopify meets YouTube: how to use YouTube shopping for your webshop


A new Shopify feature with a lot of potential

Teleshopping goes digital. Similar to what was previously only possible via Instagram, you can now also offer your products via the YouTube video platform. In short, all content, videos, livestreams and shorts could become "shoppable.

Only one click of the users*innen is necessary for it, in order to acquire your products. Because those who buy via YouTube Shopping don't even have to leave the platform. It offers you and your online store the opportunity to generate more attention for your brand, more traffic and also more sales.

These options are available to you with Youtube Shopping:

YouTube Shopping provides several features for you to make your offer as attractive as possible to users.

1. live sale

During a live shopping event, your products are displayed in the stream. This allows users to purchase the products directly. As the operator of an online store, you have the option of pinning and marking certain products.

2. product placement

Not only in streams, but also in videos, your products can be placed so that viewers have direct access to them. This is especially useful when influencers talk about your products and promote them. Besides buying your products, it is also possible to like them.

3. live tracking & adjustments

In the Shopify backend, you can track the performance of the stream in real time. If you need to make last-minute changes to your products (price, product photos, descriptions), that's no problem at all. These are automatically transferred to YouTube.

How you use YouTube shopping:

Sound like an excellent alternative advertising channel to you that you must try? Follow these steps to launch your first live shopping event or video placement:

1. download the Google Channel app from the Shopify AppStore.

2. there you will find the YouTube Shopping section. To link your Shopify store to YouTube, sign in to YouTube.

After linking, click on Monetization and then on Shopping. 4.

4. now you can select all the products you want to offer for sale.

So simple and yet so useful: YouTube Shopping offers you the chance to push your products to the next level through video content, streaming and influencer reach.

Are you still new to the topic of YouTube shopping and not sure what the next steps are for a successful implementation? We are happy to help you! Get in touch with us to get started professionally right away. As a Shopify agency, it's important for us to provide our customers with professional support and always offer high-quality solutions. Contact us, tell us about your ideas and we will implement your projects for you.