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Germany's capital and economic area for thousands of companies: Berlin offers many opportunities for founders and the competition is correspondingly high. But the world has changed. What was once the specialty store three streets away is now an online store. Ordering is convenient, easy and often cheaper than buying the product in a retail store.

Consumer trend: Online stores unstoppable

This trend is nothing new. More and more goods are being sourced from the Internet, especially in big cities, so businesses are having to adapt more and more. Even local retailers sometimes offer an e-shop, and for good reason. There is good money to be made here and you have the opportunity to reach entirely new customers.

Online store for offline business?

So is an online store a must? No, definitely not. But it is an opportunity that you should not miss. It has never been so cheap and so easy to organize a modern store with the help of a Shopify agency, which will do the work virtually "by itself".

On the other hand, as a Shopify expert from Berlin, we can help you start a business or build an e-commerce store that you can conveniently manage and operate exclusively online.

E-Commerce Berlin

The e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing online markets of all and even in Berlin these new opportunities are already being used in many ways. Thanks to our flexible structures, we at ShopFabrik are well prepared to support you in this important step towards freedom.

Shopify and Onlineshop Agency Berlin

Shopify is a tool that simplifies the creation of an online store. Nevertheless, setting up a new store often involves a lot of stress, hassle and time. That is why more and more people resort to a Shopify agency. At ShopFabrik, we specialize in helping retailers and online merchants succeed with their online store.

We are your Shopify partner in Berlin when it comes to setting up and designing your online store and connecting it to your existing structures. At the same time, as Shopify experts, we also offer you all-round training courses in which we provide you with all the know-how you need.

Why a Shopify agency?

The internet is constantly changing and accordingly you have to adapt quickly with your e-commerce store.

As an online store agency in the Berlin area, we work with Shopify and know this software down to the smallest detail. It is easy for you to get started, as the system is structured in a comprehensible way and you always have the option to have your store expanded through interfaces and apps.

As your Shopify partner Berlin, we make a point of ensuring that your web store presents your company in a duly modern way, while the admin area is easy to manage. If you have any problem, we are always available as a contact person.

ShopFabrik - Your Berlin Shopify Partner

We at ShopFabrik have been able to gain experience in various customer projects. The combination of diverse experience and hard-earned know-how offers you the optimal entry into the e-commerce world.

As a Shopify expert from Berlin, we have the opportunity to work with you on your individual wishes and design the online store the way you imagine it.

Why ShopFabrik?

The competition is big and the choice is hard. ShopFabrik is a small, passionate company. Our employees have not only found their profession, but also their vocation. We are even there for you on weekends and adapt to the opening hours of your online store - 24 / 7.

E-commerce in Berlin - how does it work?

We have made the experience that honesty and transparency matter. That's why we start every project with the same procedure:

  1. Free, no obligation consultation.
In the first step, we arrange a free, non-binding telephone appointment. There, we don't want to sell you our services, but first listen to you and find out what you want. At the same time, you benefit from our expertise, because even at this stage we try to point out sensible options and provide initial advice - without any obligation on your part to buy. 
       2. Transparent offers

We want to provide you with security and the ability to plan. After the first meeting, we will send you - if you wish - an offer that includes all services and clearly breaks down what costs how much.

     3. Quick implementation

As soon as we have reached an agreement, we immediately start with the implementation. By the way, we will give you a binding assurance by which date you can expect your online store.

Conclusion: ShopFabrik Berlin - e-commerce made easy!

Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with your Shopify partner from Berlin today. Learn more about your options and opportunities in e-commerce and then decide if and how you want to operate with us at your side in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you!