Luxury colors from
Caparol Icons Onlineshop
Project data
- 83 days implementation time
- B2B / B2C Shop
- Shopify Plus
- Complexity level: Very High
- Product: Luxury colors
- Store recreation based on designs

The luxury paint manufacturer CAPAROL ICONS is a subsidiary of the family-owned company DAW SE with the traditional Caparol brand, which proudly looks back on 125 years of experience and enthusiasm for colour. With 120 iconic colour shades based on a scientific study of colour culture spanning six decades, an elegant, luxurious lifestyle moves into one's own premises. CAPAROL ICONS combines the highest standards of environmental friendliness, health and sustainability with a passion for colour and a commitment to exceptional quality.

Together with the team from CAPAROL ICONS and the design agency 5AM, we implemented this project and used Shopify Plus to the fullest extent of its functionalities and possibilities. Our aim with this project was to map as many desired functions as possible at the highest technical level. After we had sifted through the designs, we went straight to work on a suitable theme with which we had given as many functionalities as possible that we could use as a basis for the further process.

Technical features

The product detail pages were a challenge from the beginning, as the concept of the control elements is particularly nested and dynamically designed. In the end, we were able to overcome this challenge and implemented a universal logic for CAPAROL ICONS that is easy to set up from a retailer's point of view. The simple and targeted structure allows the customer a clear purchase process.

Colour palette/favourites list

In order to give the user the possibility to compare the products, the function of a "colour fan" was implemented. Here, the user can simply compare colours and implement them in his or her list of favourites. The implementation is based on native JavaScript code, which has no performance loss due to its lean architecture.

Grid/Pages components

One of the most complex implementations was the grid and its components. Here, many modular blocks were integrated that can be freely configured, thus giving CAPAROL ICONS the freedom and creative scope for various customisation options. Attention was paid to an implementation that can be adapted both comprehensibly and intuitively.

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