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<transcy>OUR MISSION</transcy>

During our work with various customers and testing many discount apps, we were able to identify some needs that were not present in any of these apps, but were also relevant to our customers. That is why we have made it our business to develop a powerful discount app that is simple for the retailer and at the same time programmer-friendly.

All of our long-term customers use the Discountz - Discount in cart App and generate 10% more sales on average.

<transcy>What makes our discount app "Discountz" so special?</transcy>

We are continuously working on expanding the functionality and usability of our app.

- Regular updates and development of new features and functions

- Deinstallation without theme problems or leftover code

- Developer friendly & event based

- Exact error messages instead of "Voucher code not valid"

- Free of charge up to a certain limit with no surprises

 - Ad texts freely selectable

- Integrated internationalization

We have been working closely with Weinfürst since 2019 and have successfully implemented various implementations so far. Weinfürst uses the various functions of our app and has seen an increase in sales as a result.
<transcy>JUNO & ME</transcy>
We were recommended to the Juno&me team by a client and have been working closely together since 2019. Since Juno&me has a strong focus on influencer marketing in particular, we needed a powerful and programmer-friendly discount app.

Since we couldn't find a good solution, we developed Discountz.

What our customers say

We use a lot of discounts for our online store, but some of my customers couldn't find the discount box because it was only at checkout. This app solved our problem and customers can now see the discount in the cart. We were even able to translate all the text in the app. The installation went smoothly and the customer support and documentation are amazing! I can recommend this app 100%.

<transcy>App FAQ</transcy>

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