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Our goal is to build long-term relationships to help you create a profitable and professional online store analogous to your business goals.
After you have contacted us, one of our experts will call you to get to know you and your project and to discuss your requirements and goals. You will then receive an offer for one of our service packages. If you agree, we will define milestones together and look forward to working together.
The official language of communication is English to ensure that everyone can participate. This simplifies documentation and standardization of workflows throughout the project. We have established a solid information flow and structure to ensure fast and smooth collaboration.

Initially, communication is done via email, phone, and your access to the Asana project. For weekly meetings, we use Zoom. Large projects get access to a Slack channel.

Before we start working on your project, you'll get detailed instructions and access to our main communication tools. We'll make sure you have everything you need to participate in planning, track progress, and attend recurring meetings. Our goal is to ensure transparent communication.
Shopify support provides a very basic level of help and support for your store, but no tutorials for custom code customization. This is where we come in.

- Shopfabrik's international team consists of experts in development, e-commerce, design, digital transformation and sales.

- Shopfabrik is an official Shopify partner and Shopify expert.

- Shopfabrik has long-standing customers in various niches such as snacks, wine, supplements, lifestyle, medical, music, body care.

- Shopfabrik has a completely transparent policy. You get access to our time tracking tool and project management tool to have full control over your project and always be informed.
We can literally do anything with any Shopify store. Our Shopify Services page covers most of what we offer. The short answer is: Nothing is impossible.

For example:

- Build new store

- Store design optimization

- Custom Shopify development

- Customize and change Shopify Theme

- Shopify Plus Partner contact, design and support

- Shopify audits & consulting

- Custom Shopify App Development

- Custom Shopify Theme Development
After the delivery of your project, you are not alone. Shopfabrik supports you with the following topics:

- how to edit the content and insert it into your online store

- how to change your store settings

- how to add products and apps to your store

We have an individual Shopify guide for our customers and create extra videos for you for special requests and questions.
Our main service areas are:

- New store and store optimization

- Custom development

- E-commerce consulting
Yes, we love building custom apps and features. We can also build software solutions to automate business tasks. Let us know what your business wants and we will work on a solution.We are happy to assist you with app development as our core competency is programming. We also consult in the process and share the experience we have gained with our own and customer applications.
Of course, we will help you make the right decision and choose the perfect service package for your business.

In general, we offer the following service packages:

Package 1) Create a new Shopify store Basic with default theme.

Package 2) Creating a new Shopify store with custom theme

Package 3) Optimization of an existing store, conversion optimization, health check

A/B Testing, Page Speed, Hotjar, individual optimization

Package 4) individual development (theme change)

Package 5) Custom app development

Package 6) consulting package: training & consulting

Offers and settlements

All projects/websites are different and therefore we can only give an accurate quote if we know exactly what service package you need. We may also need to review your code as well as integrations in order to provide an accurate quote.

We offer our customers a contract with a fixed number of hours per month. This contract has a duration of 12 months and a cancellation period of 3 months. The hourly rate is reduced according to a sliding scale of the number of hours. More hours = a lower hourly rate.
New Clients: Established companies with trading history are billed either once per month when we work on an hourly basis. Fixed price projects are generally charged 50% deposit in advance.

High risk clients: must pay 100% upfront for all services, such as new companies that have only been in business for a short time.

Existing customers: We invoice once a month, usually on or around the 5th of the month.
We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed store analysis and help you choose the right service package for you, based on your business goals and budget.

Please understand that we cannot accept all requests, as we are committed to ensuring that we deliver high quality work and meet deadlines. If we see the potential for collaboration but do not have the capacity, we will offer you an alternative date for your project.
Changes are inevitable in any dynamic project like a new development. However, there must be some rules to organize the timing and number of changes so that we can keep our promise and deliver on time.

Before we start the work, we will give you an estimate for the effort and the deadline. If we have already started the work, we cannot handle all re-design requests as part of the same service package without our team getting a new estimate from everyone involved in this new task.

If the new feature is important to you, there are three options:

1- Include it as a replacement for another feature in the service pack.

2- Add it to the existing service package with additional labor hours.

3- Book this feature separately
You will receive detailed instructions for the most important settings in your store. For special requests we create an individual video/instruction for you.

Questions about the Customized Theme

- Clean solution instead of shaky workarounds

- Unique and tailored to your brand

- Better Google PageSpeed performance

- More efficient and budget-friendly implementation of additional features

- Sustainable programming - easier maintenance, saving time and money

- Bugs can be tracked and fixed with our version control (backups) for each change
- For a custom project like this, you should allow about 6 to 18 weeks, depending on the complexity of the requirements. For a new project, you have to expect a certain lead time with us - and with other agencies as well.

- A high-quality custom theme costs more than a prefabricated solution. After we have discussed and evaluated your project, you will of course receive an honest and professional quote.
Usually a project consists of the following 6 phases:

1- Inventory



4-Draft and design


In terms of design and layout, there are no major restrictions imposed by Shopify. We can use everything that modern web development offers. Restrictions are only in the backend, where there are limited possibilities to intervene in the data structure of Shopify. Or depending on the Shopify plan, there are also restrictions. For example, customizations can only be made in the checkout in the Shopify Plus plan.
We will show you how to change the settings for your store, however, working on the theme or code customizations requires experience with the Shopify system and programming skills.
As far as the basic functions are concerned: No. When it comes to features, we work the code into the existing structure in a way that is as dynamically adaptable as possible for the customer. For a complete overhaul or a relaunch, we rely on a prefabricated basis to speed up the development process. Here we build on a core of specific libraries and our own grid system. The design and layout is then adopted and implemented based on the specifications.
This depends on the complexity of your requirements. With preceding design phase about 10 to 18 weeks. The prerequisite for this is a finished and functional design.
Just like the duration, the cost also depends on the complexity of your requirements. Many of our previous projects with prior design phase ranged roughly between 9,000 and 24,000 euros. With existing design, we often ranged between 6,000 and 11,000 Euros.

Please keep in mind that these are only rough estimates. You will get an exact quote after we know your requirements.
In principle, we are happy to do that. However, we assume that your designer not only understands his craft, but also the basic functions of Shopify. We can also work with your designer to create a functional and actionable design and support you in this.

Shopify related questions

First of all, Shopify is a SaaS solution (i.e. you rent the platform as a service) used by more than 1.7 million stores around the world. The platform is constantly developed and innovated by a team of 7 thousand Shopify employees.

Besides, Shopify is popular for its easy management and modern design. The store owner can customize the store himself without having any programming or technical knowledge. If a desired functionality is missing, it can be easily installed through a third-party app. The Shopify App Store lists more than 6,000 public apps
Shopify offers four plans:

1- Basic plan ($29 per month)

2- Standard plan ($79 per month)

3- Advanced plan ($299 per month)

4- Shopify Plus plan (depending on the offer, usually around $2,500 per month).

In addition to the monthly fee, you'll also have to pay transaction fees. These start at 2.9% + $0.30 per credit card transaction. Depending on the plan, the transaction fees here also go down.

The rest like support, hosting, SSL, CDN, fraud protection, etc. is included in the monthly fee.
You can use Shopify from any country in the world and sell to any country as well. The only exception are the embargoed countries.

The storefront can be localized to any language through the theme settings. The management of your Shopify store is currently available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.
You can display prices and sell in 133 currencies through Shopify Payments payment gateway. Each currency can have its own price list, rounding rules, and format settings.

The easiest way to accept payments on Shopify is to use Shopify Payments. It offers all major payment methods like credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Shop Pay. But also some local-specific ones like Klarna, iDEAL or Sofort. PayPal can be enabled as well. You can also integrate a custom payment gateway.
No, the whole philosophy behind the Shopify platform is that anyone can sell online. You don't need any technical knowledge or a special development team. You can easily customize the design and layout of your store through the theme settings. If you're missing a feature, you can add one of the 6,000 apps from the Shopify App Store.

If it's a functionality or feature that doesn't exist as an app, we can help with custom software development.
Yes, if you are the owner of a certain domain, you can use it for your online store. Every major domain provider also allows you to create and manage email addresses, each of which can also be used for customer contact.
As part of Smart and Expert Setup, we set up Shopify's backend to automatically create and send an invoice when a new order is placed. The design of the invoices can be customized.

Order confirmation and shipping details can be triggered and customized through Shopify's order management. There is also the option to use other tools to directly post the created invoices and create package tags at the click of a button.
Yes, when a purchase is made, the inventory of the relevant products is automatically adjusted and the order is assigned to a new or existing customer.

Through existing connections to marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Adwords, Facebook, etc., campaigns can be launched based on usage and purchase behavior. If extended merchandise management functions are required, the most common systems can be integrated via existing connections.
<p><a href="https://www.shopify.com/blog/topics/guides" target="_blank" title="https://www.shopify.com/blog/topics/guides">Here you can find more information about Shopify. </a></p>

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