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E-commerce Hamburg - an opportunity?

Hamburg is huge and accordingly many self-employed people can be found. But no matter how good your product or service is: if no one sees it or buys it, you will not be successful.

So there is a basic task: find customers and win customers for yourself.

And that's exactly what we as a Shopify agency from Hamburg offer the solution for. The solution is to expand your business into the World Wide Web. Here you have completely new, partly undreamt-of possibilities to acquire new customers and sell your goods.

What do we offer as a Shopify agency in Hamburg?

Nowadays it seems very easy to create an online shop. And we also use the tool "Shopify" to help you. This software is easy to manage and offers many useful features.

As a Shopify partner in Hamburg, we offer you three basic things:

1. create online shop

We create your dream online shop for you and implement everything so that it is ready to process first sales. In doing so, we cater to your individual ideas so that your existing structures can be continued without any problems. At the same time, you can choose from countless designs so that the website ends up looking the way you want it to represent your business.

Shopify system: Success with experts

When implementing your online shop, we use the Shopify tool. This is used by an extremely large number of companies worldwide - regardless of whether it's a small online business or a major international corporation.

With Shopify, we combine simple handling and a comprehensible admin area with a modern, intuitive design. As already mentioned, there are many designs available, but you don't have to choose a rigid template. If necessary, we can customise your desired design so that it fits perfectly for your company presentation.

2. all-round training

E-commerce is a constantly growing market and many companies feel the need to develop further in this field. That's why, as a Shopify partner from Hamburg, we offer all-round training courses in which you learn all the knowledge you need to manage an e-commerce site yourself.

This gives you freedom and flexibility for the future. You are no longer dependent on the know-how of other people. However, should you not be able to solve specific problems, we as Shopify experts in Hamburg are always ready to help (24/7 support even on weekends).

3. customer acquisition

On the one hand, we are Shopify experts and our area of expertise is creating online shops. On the other hand, we have made it our business not only to create a beautiful website, but also to help you acquire customers who order goods on your site.

A professional shop is all well and good, but you need customers. SEO measures, advertising and other tools ensure that your shop is seen and used by customers.

However, a customer-friendly design is crucial for the success of an e-commerce site. With us, you are on the safe side in this respect, because clear structures, simple operation and intuitive understanding are our maxims for shop creation!

Why ShopFabrik?

Of course, the competition in terms of Shopify partners does not sleep in Hamburg either.

We stand out because we have a small, modern and motivated team of employees who are fully committed to your wishes. With us, it's all about added value right from the start, instead of a clumsy sale.

In a free initial consultation, it is not us who make you an offer, but you have time to tell us about your situation and we try to give you useful tips, advice and possible courses of action - without committing you to a purchase.

We also attach great importance to ensuring that your online shop can do what you want it to do in the end and that it looks the way you want it to. Off-the-shelf solutions? We say: "No, thanks!". We maintain an open, honest and transparent relationship and are your trusted online shop agency in Hamburg.

Identify and seize opportunities with ShopFabrik as your Shopify agency in Hamburg

You can arrange a free and non-binding consultation with us at any time. Even from this consultation, you can gain valuable information and suggestions free of charge.

We will help you to recognise your opportunities, to assess them and finally to take advantage of them.

We look forward to meeting you!