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You want to quickly add classic or individual Instagram filters to your products? We have your Shopify app!

Shopify InstaFilters App
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The Shopify InstaFilters app can do that

InstaFilter's Shopify app offers an easy 3-click solution to customize your product images with a range of popular Instagram filters. You also have the option to create your own filters.

You don't have to re-upload, adjust or revise any images. We have also made sure that the InstaFilters Shopify app does not have a negative impact on your performance.

InstaFilters supports modern grid and masonry layouts and automatically integrates into any slideshow, lightbox or product section.

The app does not edit or alter your existing photos, just applies a filter to them.

With the simple and intuitive UI, you can make adjustments in a few clicks.

Try InstaFilters Online
Shopify demo store

In our demo store you can get a first glimpse of how the InstaFilters app works. We have created different products, with and without filters. You can also install the app for free and test it yourself.

This is what makes our "InstaFilters" app so special

- Easy Add/Remove Filters on products
- Support for "Lazyloaded" images
- Images in Galleries and Sections
- No Performance loss
- 8 different filters and new ones are added regularly
- Custom filters - create your own individual filters!
- Different subscription models (including free!) depending on the size of your shop
- Filter preview
- Easy to install and easy to remove, with no leftover code!

Shopify InstaFilters Custom Filter
Better product images

Easy creation of a filter for individual products in your shop.

InstaFilters Shopify Collection
Light and uncomplicated

Super light app that supports all modern browsers and doesn't affect the speed of your shop.

InstaFilters Produktseite Auswahl
Free plan available

Simply test it for free without obligation