Natural care products

- Long-term customer
- Shopify Plus
- Complexity level: High
- Products: Natural care products
- Feature creation and optimization
- Various unique features


these are dermatologically tested, vegan & animal-free care products from women for women, which clearly stand out with made in Germany. With various social projects, the team of Juno&Me also supports girls and women from Rwanda and advocates for better conditions.

As a strong technical and consulting Shopify partner, we have been working closely with the Juno&Me team since October 2019. We were recommended to the team by a customer and since then we have been permanently working on optimizations and new features.

Together with the Juno&Me team, we have developed and implemented special features through an extensive user and competitor analysis. The first achievement was the legal security of the customer, which gave us a perfect base to build on. Probably the biggest impact we could achieve through the development and integration of our discount app & features. Here we could observe an enormous increase in cross & upsells, which is growing steadily
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