Natural care products
Juno&Me Vegane Beauty Produkte Shopify Plus Indexseite
Project data
- Long term customer
- Shopify Plus
- Complexity level: High
- Products: Natural care products
- Feature creation and optimization
- Various unique features

Juno&Me are dermatologically tested, vegan and animal-free care products from women for women, which clearly stand out with their made in Germany label. With various social projects, the Juno&Me team also supports girls and women from Rwanda and campaigns for better conditions.

As a strong technical and consulting Shopify partner, we have been working closely with the Juno&Me team since October 2019. We were recommended to the team by a customer and have been working permanently on optimisations and new Shopify features ever since.

Technical features

Together with the Juno&Me team we have developed and implemented special features through an extensive user and competitor analysis. By implementing the free gift chooser and our Shopify discounts in the cart app, we were able to develop a feature that has been used very heavily for some time now. Especially with influencer campaigns, individualised gifts and discounts can be played out here.

Depending on the discount code, a different pop-up is triggered in the cart, which allows the customer to choose from various free gifts.


The set creator enables the customer to create a completely freely designed set. A completely native implementation was written for this. In the Shopify Cart, a summarised and reduced set is created accordingly. In addition, discount codes can be applied.

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