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Amazon, eBay and Co. - online retailers that everyone in Germany knows. But the supremacy of these store giants is increasingly crumbling. More and more small online stores and e-commerce sites are establishing themselves on the market and becoming successful. The first retailers are moving their products to the Internet and profiting massively from the advance of digitization.

Would you like to open an online store, optimize your existing one or change software? Then ShopFabrik is the right place for you. We are your Shopify expert in Cologne and want to take your project to the next level.

Challenges of getting started in online business
At ShopFabrik, we've helped a wide variety of businesses become present and successful online. In theory, it's easy to open a website and load store software. But practice shows time and again that there is more to consider than one might initially think. Accordingly, it is valuable to have a Shopify partner in Cologne who can help you clear the initial hurdles with ease.

Needs analysis: What do you need?
First of all, it starts with the question of all questions: what do I need in the first place? And already here we are at your disposal as a certified Shopify Partner Cologne. This way, we avoid unnecessary costs and efforts that are not at all necessary for your purposes. In addition, this step helps us to understand what you want individually.

Simply arrange a free, non-binding initial consultation now. Our promise to you:

Even if you don't choose us, we will provide you with valuable ideas, suggestions and tips that will help you!

The store development
As soon as we have clarified what you need, we can get started. Our dedicated team will get to work on implementing your store. You are involved in the project at all times via your Shopify expert in Cologne. We build the store - with the help of the "Shopify" software - create clear structures and handle all the features you need.

Select e-commerce design
Once the basic structure is in place and the range of functions is covered, it's time for the visual presentation of your content and offers. Here you are spoilt for choice from thousands of designs. Of course, the designs are adapted to your ideas and individualized to your company.

A standardized sample store from the catalog does not reflect the individuality of your company and also scares away potential customers.

Connection, interfaces and customer acquisition
But we are more than a simple "store creation factory". We work closely with you and you your contact for all Shopify matters in Cologne. So we don't just deliver a finished store, we tie it to your business and help to bring customers to your website if necessary.

The Shopify software has a lot of interfaces, which allows a connection to existing company structures. For example, the store system can be directly coupled with your enterprise resource planning, your accounting software or one of your suppliers. The possibilities for automated workflows are enormous!

At the same time, we support you in terms of SEO, advertising and traffic-increasing measures.

Shopify Partner Cologne: Sustainable success with ShopFabrik
The long-term goal is for you to be independently successful with your store. This includes being able to react to any problems that arise and make adjustments if necessary.

However, people who have little to do with technology in their everyday lives often find it difficult to manage and optimize. And that's exactly why ShopFabrik, as a Shopify agency in Cologne, offers so-called all-round training courses. Here we show you all the functions and help you with all your questions.

Support: Around the clock!
Your online store never sleeps and is always open. Accordingly, it can always happen that problems occur. Problems mean loss of earnings for you and this must be avoided. With us as an online store agency from Cologne you have a contact person around the clock. We are available 24/7 - even on weekends!

Get started now with ShopFabrik!
Don't make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself and get your Shopify expert from Cologne on board early. E-commerce offers you as an entrepreneur new opportunities on all levels. Expand your core business, create new sources of income or implement an idea for which you lack time, money or desire offline!

Take your chance now and arrange a free and non-binding consultation. As said above: You can only win. We'll listen to your situation, give you a free consultation, and then provide a transparent, individualized quote. So... the choice is yours!