shopify online shop analysis
Shopify store CRO and analysis

With us you receive an expert assessment of your shop and explicit optimization suggestions from e-commerce professionals, who convert. As Shopify experts, we know how to optimize your conversion and how you can generate more sales.

Every unoptimized online shop gives away potentiall every day through a poorly or not at all optimized presence. Usually the problems simply and quickly can be solved.

Have your Shopify store checked out and get detailed suggestions to reach its full potential.

Shopify shop analysis

Shopify Analytics
Expertise - Shopify Experts

With our many years of experience in e-commerce and various niches, we have found time and again that the same errors give away far-reaching potential for an increase in sales. This is where we start and develop an individual evaluation of your Shopify shop in an in-depth analysis.

Shopify Conversion Optimierung
Conversion Rate Optimization

Many performance marketing agencies have promised to increase your conversion rate tenfold in a very short time. We know: complete nonsense! You need a solid basis on which you can build in small steps in order to noticeably achieve Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) sustainably shape. We will lay the foundation for a healthy CRO with you and increase your sales in the long term!

Shopfabrik Shopify Analyse
store results

A Shopify Shop Analysis gives you an initial overview of your points to be optimized. In a 30-minute debriefing we go through your queries and open points. If you have a need for developers, we can make you an offer for your conversion optimization. Of course you have no binding to us in terms of implementation.