Shopfabrik Ecommerce Analysis
<transcy>Shopfabrik Ecommerce Analysis</transcy>
With us you get an expertise of your store and explicit optimization suggestions from e-commerce professionals who convert.

Every unoptimized online store wastes potential every day due to a poorly optimized or not optimized presence. Most of the time, the problems are easy and quick to fix.

Online store analysis

Expertise - From the professional

With our many years of experience in e-commerce and various niches, we have seen over and over again that the same mistakes give away far-reaching potential. This is where we come in and work out an individual evaluation of your online store in an in-depth analysis.
Conversion Rate
Many marketing providers promise to increase your conversion rate tenfold in the shortest possible time. We know: complete nonsense! You need a solid foundation on which you can build in small steps to make a conversion rate optimization (CRO) noticeably sustainable. We lay the foundation for a healthy CRO with you!
An analysis gives you a first overview of your points to be optimized. In 30 minute follow-up meeting we go through your questions and open points. If you have a need for developers, we can make you an offer for your optimizations. Of course you are not bound to us regarding the implementation.