Shopify 2.0 Migration

Why you should update your store

Upgrade your store today and use the full potential of Shopify.
Sections Everywhere
In old Shopify themes it is only possible to move sections on the index page. A Shopify 2.0 update now allows you to do this on any page.
Now you can store additional information such as texts, images, links or product references in the Shopify backend under Settings -> Metafields. You can then dynamically integrate these in the customiser and thus dynamically expand your content.
Create templates
Your templates for products, collections, pages, etc. share a basic framework. But maybe you want a product to use a different template. With Shopify 2.0 you can easily create new templates based on existing ones.
Shopify Translations
The new Shopify app Translate&Adapt allows you to easily translate your content from the customiser. Some apps have trouble capturing the content here. Now you can easily translate your content from within the customiser.
Of course, there are still some innovations that we have not listed here, but which still really offer added value. If you have any questions or are looking for a professional Shopify partner to help you with your migration, you can simply sign up for a free consultation via our form. We are looking forward to your project!