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E-commerce, online retailing and digitization are everyday companions for everyone - whether in Germany or Europe. More and more people buy their goods on the Internet, so that companies are forced to move.

Today, an online store is almost a "must have" for any retail business and accordingly, you too may now be facing the mammoth task of transferring offline business to the Internet. But that's exactly what ShopFabrik is here for. We are your Shopify partner agency.

E-commerce and online store

E-commerce is a ubiquitous topic and the desire to position oneself well or profitably online is correspondingly great. Registering a website and installing WordPress, for example, is no longer an art, but a successful store requires more than a fresh domain and a few buttons.

For whom is our online store agency worthwhile?

If you already run a business, but it does not have an online store yet, it is high time to take your chance. At the same time, e-commerce alone offers countless opportunities to realize the step into self-employment. So at ShopFabrik, it doesn't matter whether you're already on the market or just planning your entry.

Already in the first conversation we get into your practice and you can tell us about problems, chances and wishes. A successful web store needs the right mix of customer-friendly design, technical know-how and passion. All this we bring as your Shopify expert!

Shopify partner for your business

Our main task is to create, design and connect your store to your running business so that it integrates seamlessly with your work flows. In doing so, we are always careful to integrate your individual wishes and needs.

As a basis for your e-commerce startup, we use the software "Shopify". Because Shopify is simple and easy to understand, you can monitor, manage and, if necessary, adjust your store in an intuitive admin area after it has been created.

At the same time, if you wish, we will present you with countless designs that could fit your ideas. Special customizations can always be made by us, of course. An off-the-shelf online store... That's not an option for you, nor for us!
Shopify - your store software
In addition to the already named advantages, we use Shopify for your store, because this software can be extended without any problems. Shopify comes with many interfaces, which becomes especially important if the requirements for your web store become higher. This way, other practical tools and apps can be integrated.

It is also practical that Shopify is cloud-based and scalable. Growth should always be the goal and not a problem!

Training and customer acquisition

If you already have a Shopify store, it is likely that you are not yet using it to its full potential. Even though Shopify is easy to use, experience has shown that a number of useful features are hiding, leaving you unnecessarily underutilized.

We as a Shopify agency have made it our business to help you get the maximum out of it and above all to be sustainably successful with your store.

In the course of this, we offer you all-round training courses in which you will learn how to operate the software and how to independently manage, adjust and optimize your store. At the same time, we also support you in terms of customer acquisition. The best Shopify expert will not be able to achieve success if no one visits the store.

ShopFabrik: Shopify experts

At ShopFabrik, we are a young, dedicated company for whom e-commerce is more than just a market. We found our passion here and we transport this fire directly to you as your Shopify partner!

Your store never sleeps!

We have adapted our support hours to the opening hours of your online store. Accordingly, we are available 24/7 and you can contact us even on weekends. In the worst case, problems mean less sales and less profit. With us as your partner, problems are a thing of the past - not because they don't occur... But because we solve them immediately for you and your customers!

New ways and great opportunities with ShopFabrik!

The step into the "online world" is always associated with hurdles. We have already successfully overcome these hurdles countless times for various customers. Choose ShopFabrik for a simple, customized and efficient entry into e-commerce.

Arrange a free initial consultation now and tell us about your problems, challenges and ideas. Right from the first meeting, we'll give you ideas and suggestions that will benefit you - regardless of whether you choose us in the end. We want to offer you added value, transparency and individuality instead of horrendous costs and technology that seems insurmountable.