Shopify Bulk Editor Metafields Link Generator

Shopify offers the option of a bulk editor for bulk editing or collective editing of product properties. Various properties for products, product categories and customers can be edited here.

Shopify currently does not offer the option of editing the set meta fields in this editor via a simple implementation. However, these settings can also be visualized via a customized Shopify URL.

How it works
  • choose your bulk editor context between Products, Collections, Customer
  • choose your Shopify default options if you want to edit multiple at once
  • There is an additional SEO option "Hide from SEO" which is a standard unlisted function that allows you to exclude products from Google 1=list, 0=do not list / learn more
  • in the Custom Metafields section you can also use the Namespace & Keys of your metafields to generate your own tags and thus add them to your URL
  • You can find information about the Shopify Metafields namespace and key in your metafield itself, which is defined as follows: namespace.key = my_fields.testfeld learn more
Custom Metafields