As Shopify partners and Shopify experts, we have the opportunity to offer you a free 14-day trial period. The videos below will give you an insight on how to set up your Shopify online store properly and what to look out for. Of course, you can also convert the trial phase into a real Shopify plan at any time.
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Pair large text with an image to tell a story, explain a detail about your product, or describe a new promotion.
Shopify Trial Setup
Let's set up your trial together in just a few minutes and get started.
Shopify Dashboard
Learn how the dashboard is built and what basic settings need to be made.
Products and categories
Here you will learn how to create a product and what types of products there are. We will also create our first category.
Shopify Customizer
The Customizer allows you to freely design and customize your Shopify store. Here you will learn how to make the first settings.
Shopify Metafields
You want to equip your store with additional information and are looking for a way to include it? The magic word is Shopify Metafields.
Shopify App Store
Want to add features to your store? You can find a suitable extension in the Shopify App Store.